Be Your Best Manager

Increase Psychological Capital and Wellbeing

Be your best manager is designed for Managers to develop understanding, skills, and the Psychological Capital to manage themselves and their teams in a positive transformational style, reducing stress and increasing efficacy. 

Research shows, that for managers, “a major order of priority was learning to cope with the stress and intense emotion associated with their position”. 

Be Your Best Manager 1. It Starts With You

This first in a series of  webinars designed for managers and their teams to increase psychological capital which reduces stress and increases effectiveness.

Participants will develop the Psychological Capital to better improve wellbeing and functioning to cope with the challenges, stresses and common hassles that come with a management position.

This course is suitable for a wide range of professions as it is based on personal and people development rather than technical or admin skills. This programme is developed based on research with a positive psychology ethos designed to build the foundations for future flourishing in managers and their teams.

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Course curriculum

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Lesley McPherson

I deliver a positive message, challenging existing beliefs with relevant research in an accessible, engaging, and inspirational style. People leave training feeling motivated, uplifted and equipped with practical skills and knowledge. My aim with is to build psychological capital in organisations by developing skills, knowledge and understanding in people which allows them to reach their full potential, build resilience, work more effectively, and enjoy a better sense of personal wellbeing.